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Product Feautres: Extra Options
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Handle Options
  • Handles can be customized to any length, width and standard color.  Rope handles are also available and are a good choice for gift bags and backpacks.

    Some available options:  double handles, adjustable, tapered.
    Materials include:  Polyfabric, OPP Film, PP Rope, PP webbing, PET, Jute, Cotton, Canvas and more.
Pocket Options
We can create any type of pocket you require.  Customize the size, material and shape. Whether you need bottle pockets, courier pouches, cell phone pockets, inside zipper pockets or something to hold a business card or library card.
Closure Options
Closure options include zippers, straps, Velcro and snaps
Tag Options
We can customize any sort of tag you need.  Popular options are price tags, UPC codes, cleaning instructions and environmental statements.  Tags can be attached to the outside of each bag or sewn into an inside seam.
Other Options
Other options include piping, custom-dyed fabric matched to your Corporate logo or colors, grommets, inserts, waterproof plastic lining for insulated bags, and more.